Alexander Aslak Nørgaard

achieving your goals

My name is Alexander Aslak Nørgaard, and I am part of the Danish national swimming team. I am a Danish record holder and in the top 8 in the world on the longest distance (1500 free).
I had Patrick as Head coach in Søllerød Swimming Club from I was 10 to 15 years (2010-2015). During the six years, I developed my mental strength significantly, which has been a huge advantage over my competitors. Getting used to the elite environment that was on the competition team was difficult at first, as the challenges were great, but Patrick managed to give me the faith and deal with these challenges and take them as they came. As time went on, with the support and learning of Patrick, I learned how to see the way to the goal in pressured situations. This has helped me a lot since then, where I have set goals and believed in myself, and this has been a co-cause of the results I have achieved.

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If I had to describe my head coach Patrick in 3 words it would be uncompromising, direct and purposeful, but at the same time a good friend who would give me his best and help me getting the best results.