Who am I

My name is Patrick Sackner Christensen. I have the last 10 years been working with people development within high performance attitude and believe that great results come through empowerment and motivation. In 2014 I started my own company Sackner Consulting and while doing that I also started to work more idenpendently with sports.

I have been a professional head coach for 6 years with responsibility of 1200 members – createt some of the best swimmers in Denmark and most talented people in Europe. And I have also been on the youth and junior national team in swimming, part of a patrol unit in the National Guard, biking and Thaiboxing just to mentioned some of it.

I am highly educated in sport via DIF, NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark in Leadership, pedagogy, psychology, anatomy, injury prevention, technical training, doping, nutrition, physiology, training and age-related training.

Besides that I hold a ICF certification in sports coaching and also in body language, NLP and typologies. As well as highly educated in Leadership and Communication – all which help me helping you.

Call me at skype via sportsmanship.dk, by phone +45 60209335 or write me an E-mail